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Reflection Software
Presentation Reflection Software - Learning & Development Solutions
White Paper 3 Facets of our Business
More Information Website
Email Alicia Raff     Telephone: (630) 270-1221

Willis Towers Watson

More Info Website
Email Carmen Verrico     Telephone: 650-292-8703

Health Cost & Risk Management, LLC

Presentation Health Cost & Risk Management Actionable Information
White Paper Look into the Future - Predictive Analytics
White Paper HCRM Enhanced Predictive Model
More Info Website
Email Rebekah Lane     Telephone: 260-255-8560


White Paper HR in the Cloud
More Info Website
Email Alec Smoley     Telephone: 925-379-3153

HRD Advisory Group

More Info Website
Email Denny Ward     Telephone: 317-523-3222

White Paper Fully Promoted Branded Products & Marketing Services
More Info Website
Email Jeff Slain     Telephone: 317-590-0480

Spherion Staffing

More Info Website
Email Keri OGara     Telephone: 317-403-9723

Retirement Plan Concepts & Services

Presentation RPCSI: Your Dedicated Retirement Plan Servicing Firm
White Paper Payroll and Eligibility: Best Practices for Today's Workforce
More Info Website
Email Michelle Marsh     Telephone: 260-969-3853

Satchelle Global Website
Presentation 5 simple steps: Employees & Coronavirus
White Paper Powerful Employees Strategies: Travel In A Post Coronavirus World.
Email Edyta Satchell     Telephone: (703) 909-1975

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